How To Sell A Junk Car With No Title In Georgia

Guidelines for Selling a Junk Car with No Title

  • The automobile must be over 10 years old
  • Its estimated worth should not exceed $1,000
  • Completion of necessary documentation
  • Provision of seller’s thumbprint and copy of driver’s license

Meet the Auto Salvage Company

A vehicle salvage operator specializes in acquiring, selling, and processing vehicles that are beyond repair, deemed salvage, or those from which used parts are salvaged. Opting for a credible salvage operator can streamline the process, ensuring you receive a fair offer for your car.

Simplified Documentation Process

Our team is prepared to handle the documentation, including obtaining your thumbprint and a photocopy of your driver’s license. We provide assistance with the Declaration of Ownership, verifying your rights to sell the vehicle legally.

Our dedicated title clerk will manage all paperwork for the vehicle’s transfer. Inform us of the scheduled pickup for your car, and we’ll handle the rest, including complimentary towing services. Often, we can arrange for same-day towing. You’ll receive your payment at the time of pickup.

How You Get Paid for a Junk Car With No Title

Payment is issued via a company check. A deduction may be applied for cars without titles to cover the cost of transferring the vehicle to our name, but that will be reflected in your online estimate.